19-21 New 6.7L RAM Fuel Injector


2019-2021 Dodge 6.7L Ram Cummins

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RAM Fuel Injector
FIts 2019-2021 Cummins 6.7L

Standard Output – 0445124047, 5364205, R8504672AA, R8444791AA, 68444791AA, 5364205NX, 5364205PX, 5567914, 68568033AA
High Output – 0445124039, R8504671AA, R8444790AA, 68444790AA, 5364204NX, 5364204PX, 5364204, 68568034AA, 5567915

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Cummins offers two configuration in 6.7L Injectors – Standard Output (SO) and High Output (HO)
High Output 6.7L Cummins is only available in 3500 RAM with six-speed AISIN transmission

The high-output Cummins has a compression ratio of 16.2:1, and the regular comes with a higher compression ratio of 19:1. The lower compression ratio in HO allows the engine to use turbo and boost much better, with a downside of a bad fuel average. The high-output 6.7L Cummins is mated to a 6-speed AISIN transmission as a standard option.

Combined with this transmission, the HO can produce 1075 pounds-feet of torque, a benchmark for pickup trucks. It can deliver the max torque at a lower RPM of 1350, making it more suitable for towing.
On the other hand, the standard output 6.7 is available with a 68RFE 6-speed automatic transmission. It can reach the max limit of 850 lb-ft of torque at 1700 RPM, making the engine more fuel efficient than HO.

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Standard Output, High Output