11-14 6.7L Ford Powerstroke OEM Turbocharger Oil & Coolant Connectors


2011 – 2014 6.7L Turbocharger Oil and Coolant Supply Fittings


2011 – 2014 6.7L Ford Powerstroke OEM Turbo Oil and Coolant Quick-Connect Fittings

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  1. Pedestal to Turbo Fitting Only (larger fitting)
    • OEM # BC3Z-6A968-D
    • Filtered Turbocharger Oil Supply Fitting
  2. Turbo Oil/Coolant Fitting Only (smaller fitting)
    • OEM # BC3Z-6A968-C / BL3Z-6A968-C
    • The same fitting fits both oil and coolant ports on the turbocharger
  3. Turbo Oil Supply Tube Fitting Set
    • 1 Pedestal to Turbo Fitting
    • 1 Turbo Oil/Coolant Tube Fitting
  4. Complete Turbo Oil and Coolant Tube Fitting Set
    • 1 Pedestal to Turbo Fitting
    • 2 Turbo Oil/Coolant Tube Fittings

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Weight 3 lbs
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Pedestal to Turbo Oil Fitting, Turbo Oil/Coolant Fitting, Turbo Oil Supply Fitting Set, Complete Oil and Coolant Fittings Set