03-06 Cat C7 C9 High Pressure Oil Pump Rebuild Service


03-06 Cat C7 C9 High Pressure Oil Pump Rebuild Service


This is a rebuild service for a 03-06 CAT C7-C9 diesel injection pump
You need to send your pump to us with the pre-paid shipping label we email to you... We pay shipping both ways.

10R8897 – 7.2L 3126E, 8.8L C9
10R2981, 10R6329, 10R7145, 10R8897, 2044944, 2323911, 2544355, 2954775, 3040675, 3120675, 3190675
Track-Typer Loader: 973C – Excavator: 330CL, 330CL
Challenger: MT735, MT745,MT755, MT765, MTC735, MTC745, MTC755, MTC765
10R8899 – 7.2L C7 & 3126
10R1308, 10R3144, 10R6327, 10R7147, 20R0641, 20R0643, 2285898, 2544357, 2954777, 3040677, 3120677, 3190677
10R8900 – 8.8L C9
10R3145, 10R6328, 10R7148,10R8900, 2204276, 2285896, 2544358, 2954778, 3040678, 3120678, 3190678

Once you purchase the pump you will receive a email with the label to send your pump to us, freight pre-paid.  If your email is not correct please call us.  We will rebuild your pump & return it to you.

This process generally takes 2-5 days once we receive your pump.
At times we will have exchange pumps, call for availability

This is for a normal rebuildable pump, if core is not rebuildable we will quote with core.

Choose Free ground shipping at checkout – DO Not Choose 2 day or 1 day shipping option.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs

10R8897, 10R8899, 10R8900