John Deere Common Rail Injector Install Kit

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Alliant Power # AP0120

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Common Rail Injector install kit for John Deere

Alliant Power # AP0120

For use with the following John Deere Common Rail Injectors…

AP50900, RE524361, RE518726, SE501936, 095000-5150, 095000-7560

AP50901, RE524368, RE501010, SE501940, 095000-0550

AP50902, RE524360, SE501935, 095000-5230

AP50903, RE524362, RE518725, RE504181, SE501937, 095000-5160

AP50904, RE524369, SE501941, 095000-0540

AP50905, RE524364, RE518723, SE501939, 095000-5190


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