6.9-7.3L New Ford IDI Fuel Line Set

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1983-1994 6.9-7.3L Ford IDI Fuel Line set



1983 – 1994 6.9-7.3L New Ford IDI Fuel Line set

The stock fuel lines can corrode over time or become damaged during removal and re-installation. These new lines are made from stainless steel to help prevent the corrosion seen in the original lines. Replacement of these lines can help to restore your fuel system to peak performance by allowing clean and reliable fuel delivery.

OEM# E8TZ-9A555- A (Cyl.#1), B (Cyl.#2), C (Cyl.#3), J (Cyl.#4), E (Cyl.#5), F (Cyl.#6), G(Cyl.#7), H (Cyl.#8)
– Complete set of new 8 fuel lines

Line# E8TZ-9A555-D (Cyl.#4) is also available for the Cargo Van / Bus applications by special order.
Please call 1-800-622-5103

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