2.8L Canyon/Colorado ARP Head Stud Kit

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2.8L Canyon/Colorado Head Stud Kit
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ARP Head Stud Kit for 2.8L GM Canyon/Colorado

If you are removing your cylinder head for any reason, such as replacing your head gasket, we recommend reassembling using this ARP Cylinder Head Stud Kit rather than the factory option. Compared to factory, these studs provide much more accurate and consistent torque loading.

Kit Includes:
ARP2000® head studs (10)
ARP 8740 chromoly nuts (10)
ARP 8740 chromoly washers (10)
ARP assembly lubricant, required for proper torque (1)
ARP Installation Instructions for 2.8L Duramax

These ARP studs are made with ARP’s newest proprietary metal, ARP2000, that has a nearly 20,000 psi material strength. Threads are cold rolled, not cut, to avoid damage to stud integrity.

Torque recommendation: 210 ft./lbs. (3 stage tightening)

In addition to being a much stronger material, using these studs has two other distinct advantages. The primary advantage is how torque is applied. When torqueing a bolt, there is both squeezing pressure and friction load from the threads turning inside the block. By using an ARP stud, the torque applied to the nut is fully utilized in squeezing the cylinder head and block together, meaning a more accurate torque and less stress on the block threads. Secondly, the washer has a larger squeezing surface than the stock head bolt – spreading the squeezing force out over a larger area limits the chances of distorting the softer aluminum head. This is the best solution to keep head gasket integrity in high power builds. Even non-built trucks with mild tunes or no tunes can benefit from the increased clamping force over the OE stretch bolts.

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