03-10 GM 6.6L Duramax Oil Pressure Sender / Switch

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03-10 GM 6.6L Duramax Oil Pressure Sender / Switch

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Fits Engine Models LB7-LLY-LBZ-LMM 2003-2010

SMP PS414 – OE Reference # 98027456

The oil pressure switch and sensor indicates if the oil pump and lubrication system are working properly, detects if the pump or relief valves are stuck open, senses if there is insufficient oil, and provides inputs that determine the useful life of the oil.

OE capacitance designs fail when the connection between internal plates and films fracture.
OE sensors can create electrical noise or be susceptible to other engine noise, causing inaccurate readings.

Failure Modes

Oil Leaks
Erratic gauge operation
Total electronic failure with the gauge reading zero or very high


SMP piezo-style designs produce no extraneous noise and are less susceptible to electrical noise in the engine compartment.
SMP units feature multiple glued seals, oil-resistant o-ring gaskets, and thread sealant is applied to match OE.
Dual sealed to prevent leaks
Low susceptibility to RFI
Extended life

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