Alliant Power UltraGuard 5 Gal Fuel Treatment

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Alliant Power UltraGuard 5 Gal Fuel Treatment

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AP0504 – 5 Gal Bottle Treats 2500 Gallons.
ULTRAGUARD is our all–season, multi–functional diesel fuel treatment that provides
complete fuel system and injector protection for all diesel engines. ULTRAGUARD is
designed to improve base diesel fuel quality and provide superior fuel system protection
under all operating conditions.
■ Restores engine power, torque, and fuel economy
■ Increases cetane for improving engine combustion, faster cold starting,
and smoother running
■ Cleans/Eliminates injector deposits
■ Eliminates injector “stiction” commonly associated with Common Rail Injectors
■ Stabilizes fuel and protects against gums, varnishes, and rust/corrosion
■ Lubricates fuel system
■ Reduces ice formations of water in fuel
■ Helps remove water by demulsification
■ Provides Anti–Gel protection
■ Helps minimize particulates in exhaust aftertreatment systems (SCR & DPF)

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